Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees

Most employees prefer to be rewarded with salary increments and improved benefits. However, with the economic meltdown, this is not always possible. Instead, the employer can look for some other creative ways of rewarding the employees without necessarily breaking the bank account.

One way that you can use to reward your employees is by putting in place an award ceremony aimed at recognizing the efforts and achievements of the staff. You can give out trophies and plaques. During the award ceremony, take time to praise the employees for their exemplary work. If it is possible, you can also arrange for a dinner to celebrate the occasion.

You can also allow employees to enjoy a flex time benefit. With the advancements of internet technologies and apps, it is possible for employees to work from the comfort of their homes. Giving them this option is a good way of rewarding them for their effort as it will show that you care about their work/life balance and you have trust that they can do the work with minimum supervision.

Setup incentives to reward the members of staff who meet goals and other performance metrics. Put in place the budget for the program and ask the employees of their views on how to spend the money. Gift certificates, electronic gadgets or even additional vacations can be good forms of incentives for the top performing employees.

Leadership development and team building is important in rewarding employees while at the same time furthering their skills in communication. Team building maybe in form of sporting events or coaching retreats. This could help the workers to communicate in a way that may be difficult to do in the office.

Another way of rewarding your employees is by celebrating their birthdays. Though it may appear childish, the truth is that employees will really enjoy celebrating their birthdays inspite of their ages. Alternatively, instead of holding the birthday parties for the employees, you can choose give them a day off.

Recognize achievements of the individual in a public venue. Company newsletters and meetings are a great place to acknowledge the expertise and improvements of your employees, and pat the backs of those that make your company what it is.

Pizza parties is yet another excelent way of rewarding your employees. Take orders on favorite toppings, send out a company email about the party asking for everyone who is going to participate, and call in for delivery. Your employees will appreciate it and work harder knowing that you made the investment of time and money to say, “Job well done!”

Lastly, ensure that you lighten the mood for your employees. Don’t make them feel like drones with no brains. Even though they are supposed to be productive, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a bit of fun. Where you turn into a taskmaster who is hard, you are likely to breed resentment and thus reduce productivity. Reward the employees with a relaxed and fun working environment.

When you ensure that your employees are happy, it will lead to more productivity. By rewarding them, you maintain their high morale. Therefore, you should make use of these guidelines to make the employee learn that you appreciate their efforts and you will see an increase in productivity.