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Why You Need to Go Camping this Summer

Life is tough and full of stressful things that are often beyond our control. Booking a little bit of time off work and heading out into the wilderness for some R’n’R on the other hand, is something that is well within our capacity to achieve. And, something which we believe is wholeheartedly important. 

Even if you don’t think that you can afford to take any time off this year, we urge you to. In fact, there are many ways that you can arrange a camping trip without even having to spend all that much money. 

Sure, it’s not as fancy as flying abroad for a 2-3-week vacation somewhere romantic. However, with a reputable website, you can book yourself a beautiful little holiday that you’ll remember for years to come. 

It’s not all that expensive 

If done correctly, you can go on a camping trip for next to nothing. Again, by visiting certain budget camping websites, you can stock up on a number of the appropriate supplies for a good price. 

Additionally, you can borrow much of the gear that you need from friends. Simply reach out on social media and you’ll be surprised by how many of your friends and associates will be happy for you to borrow a few bits. Naturally, just make sure that you keep a list of who is what, and make sure that you treat their belongings with respect. 

You’ll feel a whole lot better 

Reconnecting with nature is one of the most effective ways of letting your hair down and ridding your life of stress, if only for a little while. 

Switch your phone off and opt for a camping ground that doesn’t offer a Wi-Fi connection! You need to switch off all things digital (unless you’re playing a Spotify playlist through some wireless speakers when having a party around the campfire of course). 

You’ll get all of the exercises that you need 

Whilst camping can be incredibly relaxing, it’s also a very good way of getting some much-needed exercise. You’ll find plenty of time for kicking back with your feet up, however, you’ll also be inspired to go on nice, long walks, with plenty of swimming. Even the simple task of collecting firewood is a good exercise in itself. In any case, you’ll feel amazing. 

Spend quality time with family and friends 

Camping gives you a unique opportunity to really connect with your friends and family on a personal level. You’ll be able to play lots of fun games that require interaction and ultimately strengthen your existing relationships. 

The food is great 

OK, so this largely depends on whether or not someone in your group is remotely talented at preparing food. That said, there’s something incredibly special about eating food cooked on a campfire. Again, you can borrow most of the necessary equipment, and you can even find a number of delicious camping recipes online that you’ll want to try! 


These are just a small handful of the reasons why you should go camping! It’s great for your mental and physical health, it’s not all that expensive and it’s so much fun! Do it. Don’t mess around, book some time off, get some gear together and get outside. Trust us, it will be the best thing you do this year!

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