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Hire an Accountant So That You Can Focus Your Time on Other Aspects of Your Small Business 

Hire an Accountant

When it comes to running a small business there is much that you can be doing to get things off the ground. Of course, at first it can be incredibly difficult given the workload. People go into business to create a better life for themselves and in the beginning, they end up burning the candle and both ends and having very little time for themselves. That being said; it’s all about the investment! With hard work and dedication now, you’ll be able to relax in the long-run and enjoy the fruits of your labour, so to speak. 

First of all, if you’re a new business owner we would highly recommend hiring a reputable accountant. Hiring an accountant will free you up with more valuable time to dedicate to other areas. One of the most effective things that you can do as a business owner is learning to delegate, and that means letting people in. It’s scary, but it will pay off, that’s for certain.

The question is, what to do with your new-found free time? 

The Importance of Email Marketing for Small-Businesses 

While you should certainly be exploring all avenues of marketing, email-marketing is something that is relatively easy to get off the ground and is very effective. But, what is it about email-marketing that makes it so important? 

  • You can connect and engage with your followers on a more personal basis
  • You can increase your sales and bolster brand loyalty
  • Keep your business in the minds of your customers with regular updates
  • You can increase your overall brand awareness and build a following
  • Share industry related content, news, new products and all sorts of valuable information 

The above points are very valuable, particularly for new businesses who are trying to get ahead of their competitors. 

How to Get Started with Email Marketing 

  • Fortunately for you there are a number of easy to use software providers on the market. Find one that suits your budget and is easy to use and then you’re ready to get started. 
  • Following that you need to start building your email database. In a nutshell you need to gain your customers email addresses and their permission for you to contact them. You can do this via the following channels: 

  • E-Newsletter signup form
  • Social media promotions to encourage e-newsletter sign up
  • Prompting a customer when they purchase a service and product and see if they would like to join
  • Introduce incentives to join, such as various discounts etc 
  • Write an email marketing plan. So, how regularly are you going to send out your e-newsletters? What sort of promotions would you like to run? How do you plan to engage with your customers? This gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in ways that your competitors might not be.

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